Dating arthritis

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It can also mean missing a lot of school, which can affect both a child’s academic performance and his social development, since school is often where friendships are established and social opportunities take place in this age group.

Self-esteem can suffer when a child frequently misses events or can only watch from the sidelines while others play.

Of course, you might meet the perfect partner, who asks all of the right questions, but in my limited experience – and at this stage I must announce to you that I’m no Einstein when it comes to matters of the heart – once you get around to telling them, your beau will probably fall into one of the following three categories: This is, rather unfortunately, more likely to come about if you tell your new love interest at a really bad time, such as while they are witnessing you taking your daily medicine, or when they’ve just told you something significant about their lives and think you’re trying to hog the limelight.

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And but again, I think it’s is gaining other people’s knowledge, you know.

Telling someone that you have arthritis is always quite tricky, but particularly when that person is a new love interest.

Arthritis can end up being a bit of an elephant in the room, especially if you’re in a situation with someone who doesn’t know you have it.

But when I tell my new boyfriend that I have JIA, I don’t want this in response: “Oh, I understand – I have [insert unrelated medical condition here].” I say this because I once had a boy tell me he had carpal tunnel syndrome in response to my soul-bearing.

Now, I’m sure carpal tunnel syndrome can be a struggle (he certainly moaned about it enough); I have its lesser-known cousin, cubital tunnel syndrome, myself.

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