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I have 100 yard bouffant petticoats, sissy over the knee stockings with pretty Sissy satin bows or glossy white stockings with pink bows or designer stockings by Fiore.Firstly I shall select which Sissy dress you shall be wearing, then whilst my maids go and retrieve the Sissy dress and accessories I have personally chosen for you, you will have a professional make over done by myself.All our dishes are created with the utmost care by our highly accredited team of Thai chefs, led by Chef P’Tad.The ingredients are sourced from the best local suppliers where possible – otherwise they are imported from Thailand specifically for Kitima.Each dining room has its own unique atmosphere, where elegance and opulence is abundant whilst still maintaining an air of unpretentious grace.

Although our menu is a compilation of various traditional Asian cuisines, our main focus is on the Royal Thai cuisine which can trace its history back to the legendary palace of the Ayutthaya kingdom in the 17th century.

Designed in the neogothic style but with modern innovations, the complex had many inspirations, including London's Victoria Tower, Before the building was constructed, an 8-foot-tall, 600 pound model was pieced together in Tarentum, Pennsylvania by Renato "Reno" Chieruzzi in the basement of his home.

Glass for the model was cut at the Ford City PPG works.

As you enter through her doors you are greeted by an array of senses.

From the tantalizing aromas wafting from the dining rooms to the tasteful and elegantly hand picked decorative pieces from Thailand.

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