Intimidating shout spell

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As for damage, I want to play fury warrior but all warriors say that arms is better for tunneling, what do u think of it? It's definitely good to swap healers as thunder, especially against certain types of healers.

With regards to gear, the biggest change in Legion is that there is no more Pv P gear.

World of Warcraft Warrior Guide (\/)This is bunny (oo)He is the closest thing I can make to ASCII art (o)o)This is why the title is plain text --------------- Version History --------------- V1.0: Guide started v1.01: Guide submitted with the margins fixed v1.1: 29/05/06 Improved layout and put contact details at the start of the guide Updated legal info so sites that advertise gold canÂ’t use the guide Added guide for shamans and updated some others. What race -------------- As warriors can be any race, I would recommend picking your favourite race without worrying about the abilities.

Began the equipment section Added the universal aggro macro Began adding the date to updates If you see any mistakes or have any suggestions for this guide, E-mail [email protected] If you want to contact me in Wo W, I am on Chromaggus server, on the horde. However, if you really care about having racials that help your class then all the races and what is good about them is here.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to play an Arms Warrior in a Pv P environment.

The guide will cover everything from talent choices, artifacts, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.

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