Long chelsea clinton dating marc mezvinsky

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It's a struggle many presidents have faced before -- trying to preserve some semblance of privacy and normalcy for their children even as they occupy one of the least private, least normal jobs in the world. Julie Nixon, Richard Nixon's daughter, would have made a seventh, but she turned 20 just a few months before her father won the White House in 1968.

And let's face it: if being a teenager is difficult for everyone, being a teenager at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when one of your parents is the most powerful person alive undoubtedly carries with it some extra baggage.

National Turkey Federation Chairman John Burkel of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and U. President Barack Obama and daughters Sasha Obama, 12, and Malia Obama, 15, share a moment as the president pardons the 2013 National Thanksgiving Turkey, named Popcorn Caramel, on the North Portico of the White House November 27, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Mezvinsky has kept a low profile ever since Hillary's loss in the election, but was photographed by Daily heading out for a weekday jog in the middle of the afternoon last week.

For much of the country, Independence Day is an excuse to celebrate the nation's birthday with barbecues and fireworks, but for President Obama and his family, July 4 holds a more private significance as Malia Obama's birthday.

This year, the president's older daughter turns 16.

(The suit was later settled out of court.)In fairness, it should be said that Clinton’s entourage that weekend also included his daughter, Chelsea, and her boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, and no one who was there has adduced the slightest evidence that Clinton’s behavior was anything other than proper.

Nor, indeed, is there any proof of post-presidential sexual indiscretions on Clinton’s part, despite a steady stream of tabloid speculation and Internet intimations that the Big Dog might be up to his old tricks.

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