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As Bella sings, Zane arrives and is incensed to see Rikki with Will and picks a fight with him.

In the confrontation, fists fly, drinks are spilled and Bella gets wet and rushes out.

The story was originally a novel published in 1908, and was first made into a film in 1923, then again in 1949, before Shields and Atkins took on the characters of Emmeline and Richard Lestrange in 1980.

O in Australia) is a AFI & Logie award-winning Australian television series.

The role saw Mitchell win the Most Popular New Male Talent Logie Award in 2010. He travelled around Australia with international entertainment company Sudden Impact Entertainment and worked in their live theatre shows.

In 2013 he was cast as John Young in the CW's The Tomorrow People, whom he played until the series cancellation. Whilst working in Melbourne he successfully auditioned for the guest-role of Chris Knight in Neighbours and appeared in 11 episodes.

They discover their amazing powers over water - Cleo can control the shape and volume of water, Emma can freeze it, and Rikki can boil it.

Lewis Mc Cartney, a friend of Cleo - and later of the three of them, helps them from being exposed.

He jumps to the conclusion that she's got another date when Rikki refuses.In 2015, he joined the cast of Marvel's Agents of S. as the Inhuman Lincoln Campbell as a recurring character for its second season before being promoted to series regular for the third season. He asked if he could keep his beard and producers agreed.Home and Away was the big breakthrough in George’s career.O: Just Add Water as Will, before starring as Romeo Smith in Home and Away. Mitchell trained at the Film and Television Studio International and worked with professionals such as Joss Mc William, Iain Gardner, Kim Krejus and Dean Carey.

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