Who is dating elijah wood

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So the other night I was at a party, talking to a friend of a friend—one of those special types of New York artists who never actually make any art. The consensus seems to be: Why go to a party that lets everyone in, when you could go to the party that accepts only a select few?

I started telling The Artist about this sweet ER doctor I’d met on Tinder, when he choked on his mojito. ” He was referring to the “elite” dating app that accepts only people in creative industries, unless you’re superhot, in which case: Who cares what you do? To gain access to Raya, which launched in March of 2015, you have to apply, and then an anonymous committee assesses your creative influence—aka your Instagram—and decides whether you’re cool enough to be in the club.

A while back, rumour circulated that Elijah Wood was DJ-ing under the name “DJ Frodo”. With his curly brown hair and saucer-like blue eyes a constant reminder of the character, “I accepted a long time ago that Frodo would be a part of my life forever,” he says.

A sly joke, perhaps, at the expense of an actor who has failed to emerge from the shadow of Frodo Baggins.

Brinnin so admired Thomas’s work that he helped bring Thomas to the United States for a reading tour.

“For that country to ban the movie, I found kind of humorous.”New Zealand, of course, is where he spent four years of his life filming with Peter Jackson, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom.

“I was there when I was 18 and left when I was 22, and there will never be an experience quite like it in my life. I kind of grew into being a man.” Famously, Wood didn’t read Lord Of The Rings until after he’d completed the film, and he admits that before Set Fire To The Stars, “I didn’t know anything about Dylan Thomas really, and I hadn’t read any of his work.

Well, not entirely radar-less, as there are plenty of handsome model types and TV show stars who must’ve gotten their invites from somewhere, and we have a hard time thinking there is some sort of famous person Listserv that exists. Which means, they are eligible and want to date you, me, each other, or maybe a famous cat.

While we have heard that these people have browsed Raya at one point over the past few months, they might not be there . Just kidding—we definitely confirmed their presence in one way or another, but with the app’s dedicated opacity, their mere presence may have vanished into a vapor made of lost dreams, smoke machines, and adorable photos of pit bulls.

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